Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Judged by appearence

Sean, from the cast of Twisted Bloodlines has been labelled the silent, intellectual type. While this is almost true, he has a lot more depth to him than that. Sean, hasn't really featured much in the first three books, and I'm sure that when you read book four, you will be shocked by just how unexpected he turns out to be. We already know that Sean, and his twin, Paul were, in a sense abandoned by Beth, their mother. Did this have an effect on him? I'm sure it would have. And just what did happen in his past, before he re-joined his absent family? Was it a troublesome one, or a fairly smooth past that he endured? Our pasts do tend to reflect on our futures. Especially if it wasn't a pleasant one. Major events may play a role, in shaping who we are today, good or bad.
Sean, appears to be a pretty stable guy, but is he? Don't forget, the blood that runs through his veins, is shared with that of an evil, and extremely disturbed man. Could this be hereditary? Maybe in Sean's silence, he is actually secretly plotting the whole family's demise. Being abandoned, while your other siblings are favoured over you, could do that to a person. Jealousy, is an ugly emotion. Let's not forget, beneath his human exterior lies a fearsome panther. They live for the hunt, but who would be his prey?
Sean, is a complex character, and I've enjoyed digging into his darkest secrets, and finding out just who he really is. I'll leave it to you, to decide whether you think he is good, or bad, after you've found out what lurks beneath his silent front. They do say, beware of the quiet ones, but is it the case with Sean? Or are we judging him on what we see?
Happy reading :)

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